Full Stop

So, how you guys been doing lately? Hope you're all good. 
SNMPTN is coming by tomorrow, and I wish all of you the best of the luck you may have. 

Well, kalau dilihat ulang dari judul, finally I reached the full stop of my life in high school. Yep, I officially graduated on 31st of May 2012. Happy at first knowing that I finally have my life again after all these 3 years I wasted for shits (or some polite people says, for assignments). I mean, who doesn't? Life in high school to me like life giving lemons right at my scars! (Yeah, the teachers. They're the worst part of all). But hey, after the graduation, I feel like some parts of me were gone. Like there ain't no friends everyday no more, no laughs, and others. And suprisingly, I kinda miss the way teachers make me so pissed off. For some reasons maybe it sounds so effing stupid, but yeah, I do. 

At some point, when I was in the 3rd grade, I wanted all of these to be ended soon. For the shits I've through, I swear to God I would never want to go back to that jerk moments which full of tasks, exams, and others school stuffs. I ask you politely, which one of you love that parts? Which one of you? If you raise your hand, I'd probably shoot you with a bazooka. 

After some time, do you guys realize that those shit moments were the best of your life? Bonding to your friends, to your teachers, and others. Mostly, it's the bond of you and your friends which are getting so strong and you started to realise that those beautiful moments are going to be ended soon. Ironic, isn't it? I hate the part when the bond of friendship is just getting stronger in the end. You guys think the same, huh?

But anyway, it's not all that matters, but how you're going to end it that matters. With a happy way, or a sad way. It's all up to you and the choices you made inside your head. Happy way: You're going to be happy with the goodbyes because you and all of your friends end it to reach your dreams and live it happily, or the sad way: Because you're just not gonna see each other again everyday? Your call. 

There's always a goodbye in a hello, so, why don't you stop being sad and stand up with your friends, telling that this is just another part of our lives that you're all have to through it happily? Why don't you say to your friends that you're all have to reach your dream and live your dream? And why don't you all be positive to a goodbye?  Goodbye is just another little problem to deal, but future? That's huge. 

You're going to see each other again. You're going to. Don't be sad. (Bestfriends always do meet each other, right?)

To those who are mad to your lover because you're not seeing your lover each day or because he's saying he's busy, c'mon, he's about reaching his dreams and if you're the best for him, you're gonna let him doing it, and be supportive instead of babbling. Babbling is ok, but don't disturb him to find his path to his dream.

In the end, it's our full stop in high school. But another new blank field to be written, either how you're going to write it... live the dream, and sure you're going to be happy for other new hellos. The post maybe pointless to all of you, but I just wanna say, perpisahan hanya sementara dan selalu ada, pertemuan pun akan selalu ada. Tapi kesempatan untuk a better future is not going to come twice. Jadi, relakan kehidupan masa lalu, for a huge future. You know what I'm saying? 

And yeah, I think high school never ends is true. 

I just can't wait til my 10 year reunion
I'm gonna bust down the double doors
And when I stand on these tables before you
You will know what all those time was for

John Mayer - No Such Thing


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